My grandson says it was “the best day of my life!”

Dear Flight4CF,

I wanted to write and thank you for the incredible time my grandson and I had at Beverly Airport Family Days today. My grandson says it was “the best day of my life!”. Every single person we interacted with there was incredibly kind, thoughtful, helpful and informative. From the Cadets helping out to the pilots (especially the Cape Air Pilot and the Channel 7 news copter pilot), every single person went out of their way to engage with my grandson, share their passion for aircraft with him, answer questions – all were simply spectacular hosts.

My grandson has said his dream is to be a pilot since he was two years old. He’s almost six now and it’s still his dream. He was mesmerized by everyone and everything he encountered today. He learned so much from interacting with all the pilots and service men & women, sitting in the pilot’s seat in several planes, checking out jetfuel, learning about the airport and the national guard, touring  the dive team rescue truck and ambulance – he adored every minute of it. In fact, he loved it so much I have to bring him back tomorrow!

I knew he would enjoy seeing the planes and helicopters, but I had no idea he would be treated with so much kindness and attentiveness from literally every person working there today. What a stellar group. I can’t thank you enough. We will be back EVERY year and will bring MANY friends!

Keri Ellis Cahill
Salem, MA
Grandmother to Henry
Attended the September 2023 Beverly Airport Family Days