Bright lights. The smell of chemicals. My eyes open trying to adjust to the light. They close again. “Where am I?,” I think to myself. I hear voices and an intercom saying mumbled words I don’t understand. My eyes open adjusting to the light. I look at my surroundings, trying to remember where I am. I am laying in bed with clean white sheets. Looking off to my left I see a pole and a bag of liquid with a tube leading towards my hand. I look at my hand and see a needle secured with medical tape.. Then I remember. I am in the hospital after surgery. A nurse walks over to me with a pill in one hand and a cup of water in the other. She places it down on the bed side table. “I need you to take this pill, it will help with the pain,” she says. She walks away and I sit up. I feel a sharp pain in my chest shoot through me. I hiss and lay back down. I slowly sit up again and reach over to grab the pill and swallow it. I can hear my mom’s voice and a man’s voice as she walks down the hallway talking with him. “Did the surgery go well?” she asks. “It went well. Her new port is in place and it works well.” He says back. My mom sees me and walks over to me asking, “Do you feel okay?” “Yes, I feel okay, but there is pain,” I reply. “The pain will go away, but hopefully this port will heal your lungs and make them strong,” she says. “Strong,” I say looking at my mom, “I think I like the sound of that.”

Piper Little
8th Grade